Offering memorable flights along the Oregon Coast and the magnificent deserts
surrounding Yuma, Arizona

stinsonFeaturing two restored 4-passenger 1942 Stinson Reliants: "The Spirit of Tillamook" and "Kermit"

These are a fully restored 1942 Stinson Reliant V-77s with the unique "gull" wing, the type of aircraft used during WWII for V.I.P transport. Over the years Stinson Reliants have earned a rightful reputation of being one of the most dependable "workhorses" in Alaska and Canada.

The large windows and overhead wings offer excellent visibility. Powered by 300hp Lycoming radial engines, they are incredibly reliable and provide a smooth, exceptionally quiet ride. These famous Gullwing Stinsons and pilots have carried thousands of satisfied passengers over many beautiful and interesting sights of the Great West.

The excellent visibility and comfortable plush interior offer an excellent opportunity for sightseeing and photography that will be an unforgettable adventure.


Scenic Summer Coastal Flights out of Tillamook, Oregon

"Next to the gigantic and historic World War II Blimp hangar at the Tillamook Airport, Tillamook, Oregon"

Few places in the United States are as beautiful as the rugged Oregon Coast.

Let Tillamook Air Tours fly you along the coast to experience the incredible scenics. Many tours are available. We fly virtually every day (weather permitting) from the Tillamook Airport .

Scenic Winter Flights out of
Yuma, Arizona
(December- April)

The deserts throughout the Yuma, Arizona area offer ever-changing vistas and colors. Flights out of the Somerton Airport will take you through some of the most incredible desert country you have ever seen! Places so desolate and rugged, that is one of the most popular places for Hollywood studios to make movies. Come fly with us for an unforgettable experience!

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One of the most popular flights are when the giant grey whales are migrating in the spring up the coast toward Alaska waters and again in the fall on their return migration to Baja California. Write or call regarding this exciting time.


Gift Certificates for either location are available!

Tillamook, Oregon
PO Box 604, Tillamook, OR 98141
(503) 844-1942
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Somerton Airport
3901 Highway 98
Somerton, Arizona
(930) 503-9155
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